Catalyst Processing

Catalyst processing

Why us?

Our company has been active in the recovery of precious metals since 1972.We are a productive unit,fully equipped with all the machines for proper sampling as well as a specialized chemistry for correct analyzes.

Why choose us?

Each catalyst has a different content of precious metals,resulting to variations in it’s value.The only way to find out what’s in the “heart” of each catalyst is the proper processing,with the final stage being the right sampling where we can get accurate information about the type and the amount of each precious metal contained in the catalysts you supplied.In this way,you know at any moment the quantity,the quality and the price of the catalysts that you have “sold” and you control the course of your own precious metals.

  • We are the first and the only one in Greece that have the technology to recover precious metals from catalyst.
  • Competitors “pay” according to the weight and the type of catalyst.
  • At Jginis,we calculate precisely(in the chemistry)the quantity and the value of the precious contained in the catalysts.

Jginis vs Competitors

Receiving from your place(at a cost)
Transfer(at a cost)
Weighing of catalysts(when they reach factory)
Sample analysis in chemistry
Accurate results of the quantity of precious metals
Informing the price of precious metals
Credit according to the exact weight of precious metals
Catalysts purchase in cash
Ability to store precious metals for future sale
Existing/Direct credit of the customer's metal account
Ability to convert the precious metals
Immediate redemption
Recycling of the remaining parts of the catalyst



The catalysts are picked up by our own means.We usually take the catalysts with the metal shell and we remove it in our facilities with safety.


In our factory we open the metal shell and we remove the insides of the catalyst(ceramic material),after the recording of the pieces we have received.We wipe carefully so the are no debris inside the shell and we record the weight in the customer’s tab


The sampling process is a special science.The aim is to get from a large quantity,which can be from a few kg to tons,in to a few grams of sample that will go for analysis.If the sample is not the appropriate then the analysis will not be correct,resulting in large deviations.We have invested heavily in equipment so we could get absolutely homogeneous samples.

The first step is to break the materials into powder in the appropriate “mesh”in which we mix to ensure that we have proper dispersion and homogeneity.Then we divide the original sample into even smaller samples and if it’s truly homogeneous we take it to the lab for analysis.The maximum sampling per batch is 500 kg.

Qualitative & quantitative analysis

We can make a quick analysis to find what precious metals and which is the content ,after we get the sample.Once we have the first estimation,we can start our regular “tactical” analysis.This analysis will show us the EXACT content of precious metals(platinum,palladium,rhodium) which usually takes some time to complete(mostly within 5 working days).Once the analysis gets complete,we are ready to credit the weight of precious metals in the customer’s account.

Processing costs

Our company charges only the cost of management and operation,which includes the cost of receipt,sampling,analyzing and recovering,while the WHOLE result of precious metals goes to the customer.In this way our customer earns the REAL value of the catalysts and not a compatible average.The cost is proportional to the kilos we receive.The standard cost of each customer includes sampling,analysis and processing which is proportionate to the quantity.Our total cost is deducted from the value of the metals.

Note:If the customer does not agree with the results of the analysis,our business is committed to return the materials by charging only the costs it has already incurred.(cost of receipt,sampling and analyzing)

Metal account-(London Fix)

A great advantage for our partners is the Metal Account.As we have mentioned above,when we complete the analysis and we find the content of precious metal,then we credit the corresponding weight of precious metals.Our customers have the ability to sell a part or the whole stock of metals,based on their stock value,according to the closing of London Fix.